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Amazon Plans To Open A Different Kind Of Grocery Store By 2020

Amazon has plans to open a completely different type of grocery store in 2020 so as to turn into the heart of the physical retail world. Amazon was working on an older low-cost grocery format so as to substitute Whole Foods and Amazon Go. The online retail giant has decided to open up a grocery store in Woodland Hills by 2020. It will be company’s first-ever grocery store. There will be 2 grocery associates hired to handle the stocks and sales while a food service associate to work on the food counters. In Woodland Hills, the company has brought a 35,000 square-foot space, which was previously used by Toys ‘R’ Us.

In comparison to Whole Foods, the grocery store will be completely different. The retail giant will not resort to cashierless tech of Amazon Go stores and instead will use the earlier checkouts. Amazon has not yet disclosed anything related to the name of the store, locations, items for sales, or prices. There are possibilities that there will be a store opened in New York, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Connecticut, and Chicago. The new stores will be offering mainstream groceries, such as Oreos and soda, plus ready-made foods. The online retail giant along with its Whole Foods and Amazon Go has made plans to carve out its name in physical retail locations using Amazon Books and Amazon 4-Star. Amazon Fresh, Prime Now, and its own website is what the company plans to use to deliver groceries. The pop-up kiosks at Whole Foods in Kohl’s location have been shut down this year.

Similarly, Amazon tops in terms of profits gained through the grocery stores both physical and online. However, recently Kroger has shown an Amazon-like approach to put up a strong fight against the online retail giant. Kroger plans to adjust its earnings per share of $2.30 to $2.40 in 2020 instead of $2.19 per share. Thus, its sales are expected to grow by 2.25% owing to low prices and offers provided. Kroger has built its own consumer insights subsidiary called 84.51 to keep track of the sales and focuses on Kroger Personal Finance services and advertising as these are all high-margin sources of revenue.

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