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Mercury Appears Like A Tiny Blotch While Moving Past The Sun

Recently, Mercury was found to have shown a very rare extraterrestrial occurrence for stargazers. The planet was found to come into sight in the form of a tiny black dot while moving across the Earth and Sun. The event is called “Mercury Transit” and it was found to have occurred early in the morning and lasted for more than 5 Hours. In the Solar System, Mercury is the smallest planet that is the closest to the Sun. The skywatchers in South & Central America, East Coast, and Canada have been able get a clear view of the event.

The planet appears tiny and travels like a blemish on the Sun’s face. The people got only a small sliver of the transit. The people in Asia and Australia could see the event. The clouding in Maryland was found to have prevented NASA Solar Astrophysicist Alex Young from getting a glimpse of the event. All the observers who got a sight of the planet found it to be spectacular. NASA’s orbiting Solar Dynamics Observatory was also found to have captured the event. The observatory had snapped pictures of Mercury crossing the Sun and the planet seemed hardly visible. The event generally occurs 13 times in a century and it had last happened in 2016. The next is expected to happen somewhere around 2032 and it is assumed to be invisible to people from North America. Similarly, the next event is expected to occur in 2049.

Likewise, observers can have a glimpse of the November’s full moon known as the beaver moon while the Mercury transit will be found to move past the Sun. The people could get a complete view of the full moon during the rare Mercury transit and this event can be viewed only with the help of the telescope as Mercury is the smallest planet. The beaver moon has its named derived from the time period wherein hibernation is the key task.

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