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Depression Associated To Nutrition In Adult And Older Canadians

According to a new study, the diet can be responsible for the risk of depression. The study also showed that the chances of depression are higher amongst middle-aged and older women, who were refugees to Canada than Canadian-born women. Dr. Karen Davison—Chair of Health Science Program Chair at (Kwantlen Polytechnic University), Canada—said, “Lower consumptions of vegetables and fruits were seen to be associated with depression for women and men, immigrants and people born in Canada. Men were more tend to encounter depression if they intake greater levels of fat or lesser levels of omega-3 eggs. For all volunteers, high nutritional risk and lower grip strength were linked with depression. The intake of vegetables and fruits was protective alongside depression in our study, which was also seen in previous research. Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory constituents in vegetables and fruits might account for this association.”

Different minerals and vitamins (such as zinc, magnesium, selenium) present in vegetables and fruits may decrease the plasma concentrations of C-reactive protein, which is a marker of low-grade inflammation linked with depression. Yu Lung—Co-Author and Doctoral Student at the University of Toronto’s FIFSW (Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work)—said, “We were curious to find out that omega-3 polyunsaturated fats were inversely linked with depression amongst men. More research is required to explore the pathways but it is probable that surged omega-3 fatty acid concentration in diet might persuade central nervous system’s cell membrane fluidity and phospholipid composition, which might change the function and structure of the embedded proteins and impact dopamine and serotonin neurotransmission.”

On a similar note, recently, a study showed that 1 in 12 Canadians having migraines has attempted suicide. New research by the UofT (University of Toronto) found that adults having migraine who had been abused sexually during childhood were three times more tend to attempt suicide. Physical abuse in childhood doubled the chances of suicide attempts and persistent parental domestic violence was linked with 67% greater chances of attempting to take one’s life.

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