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Verizon Offering Android TV Boxes To Home 5G Users

You possibly did not observe it, but Verizon has its own devoted media player. The carrier silently launched a Stream TV machine intended to court 5G Home users who have literally and figuratively slashed the TV cord. It is actually a simple Android TV hardware with 4K video support, a Google Assistant-based voice remote, and Chromecast streaming. Obviously, Verizon is expecting that you will employ this to take benefit of its Disney+ agreement, stream with one of Yahoo’s apps, or tack YouTube TV on to your bill.

Actually, the costing is the catch. The Stream TV has a price tag of $70 by itself, but is comprised with 5G Home offering. The separate alternative is not the cheaper method to stream 4K in any kind (Fire TV Stick 4K by Amazon has a price tag of $50), but it is difficult to object to getting one with your Internet connection—you can take benefit of that permanent wireless without having to shop for additional devices. Just do not hope this device to be an entire media powerhouse.

On a relegated note, Verizon earlier claimed that it is not restricting to the smartphone market but also rolling out its 5G services for the transportation sector. With this rollout, Verizon is planning to lead the emerging autonomous vehicles market by offering effective connectivity network for self-driving cars. The company has recently begun testing the connectivity services for vehicles at Mcity test facility in the University of Michigan. The concept behind launching 5G connectivity in transportation is to share real-time pathway information—gathered from city surveillance cameras and traffic lights—among the fleet of autonomous vehicles to make well-versed decisions. The launch of Verizon-directed 5G connectivity services for autonomous vehicles’ fleet is not an astonishing update.

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