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Hulu Hikes The Cost Of Its Live TV Platform, Again

The live TV streaming by Hulu is about to get more costly. The firm declared this week that its Live TV option Hulu + might elevate to a monthly $54.99 beginning next month. This is the second time in 2019 that the firm has lifted its cost on live TV streaming. In February, there was a hike of monthly $5 to $45.99—up from the $39.99 cost when the platform launched in 2017.

“The new cost better mirrors the considerable value of Hulu + Live TV and lets us to carry on providing all of the popular live sports, news, and entertainment programming comprised in the plan,” the firm clarified in the declaration.

To assist lessen the pain, the firm suggests jumping to streaming-only plans when you do not require live TV. It offered the conclusion of football season as an instance. Certainly, that operates, but it is not essentially a perfect scenario, particularly for those of us who are awful at remembering or planning to cancel.

At monthly $54.99, Hulu + Live TV is now monthly $5 more as compared to YouTube TV. Hulu is not the only firm increasing costs though, since AT&T did the same in October. As live TV streaming turns out to be more and more popular, and services carry on expanding their content portfolio, higher costs are expected.

On a related note, Hulu has made a decision to enhance its suggestions, and one of its largest updates will appear remarkably familiar to some. It is including Netflix-akin “dislike” and “like” options to show that you would either never like to see a show again or love to see similar titles. The feature is accessible now both via the web along with Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV devices, the Xbox One, the Switch, and “specific” Vizio, Samsung, LG, and Android-based smart TVs.”

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