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International health experts sound alarmed about climate change’s growing and potential impact on kids

According to an international report from doctors worldwide as children are growing up in a warmer climate than their parents they may suffer from entirely different health problems than their parents.

With the ever-increasing temperature of the earth and rise in air pollution and global warming due to man-made causes, the children can have different health issues as they have born and are living in an entirely different condition right from the very beginning. This can make them particularly vulnerable to diarrhoea, mosquito-borne diseases like malaria and dengue and cardiac diseases especially because of air pollution which has almost reached an alarming state in the world.

The depletion in the ozone layer of the earth is also making mankind more vulnerable to cancer. In fact this change is already noticeable as according to reports the rise in the number of cancer patients around the world has increased dramatically only in the last two decades.

The climate change and human health report were published in the medical journal The Lancet.

The more concerning thing is that if the present trend continues our future generations may have to suffer from severe health issues from a very early age and that the overall worldwide mortality rate may become low unless the medical technology and the treatment process becomes more advanced.

Dr Renee Salas a Boston emergency room physician and professor at Harvard University says that it will impact the health of the kinds that we see today the most. The pollution levels in their bodies are going to be much higher than their parents as they have taken birth in a world that is undergoing vast and rapid climatic change.

Unless we resort to healthier and conserving method of lifestyles our kids may have to suffer the worst fate than us she added.

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