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New illness related to vaping coming off Canada

The vaping related injuries and deaths have appeared to taper off in the United States however a different kind of the symptom in the human lungs has been reported in a Canadian teenager this week.

The deaths related to vaping in United States rose by two more to a total which now stands at 49. The number of cases of injuries to lungs has risen a little to 2,290 from last week when it was 2,172. This was confirmed from as many as 49 states along with the Puerto Rico, U.S Virgin Island and Washington DC as per the statement from CDC in Thursday. These deaths have been confirmed to be related to the lung illness caused due to vaping.

In the same time, a teenager from Canada has been treated for an illness which is associated to vaping. This disease though has been showing a different kind of symptoms say the medical reports of Ontario.

The symptoms of the disease known as Popcorn lung had been found in this spring in a boy who is 17-year old who was admitted into ICU. He had a history of nicotine e-cigarettes and THC through vaping as reported on Thursday by the doctors in Canada.

The injury in the lung had been noted about 20 years ago in the workers who were at a microwave popcorn factory and had been traced back to the inhaling of diacetyl which had buttery flavouring.

The Medical personnel at CDC had said in the investigations which lasted a month into the products which were associated with this lung injury known now as EVALI could be more than just one substance. The illness could have been caused by other substances which have not been reported yet.

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