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Verizon Will Preload Snapchat On Specific 5G Handsets

Verizon and Snap Inc. declared this week that they are “official partners for 5G innovation.” As fraction of the joint venture, Verizon will preload the Snapchat application on “specific” 5G handsets and provide exclusive offers via its rewards program (Verizon Up). Snap will design new AR experiences and features at 5G Labs by Verizon, and you can hope for “premium sponsorship placements” by Verizon in video series dubbed Snap Originals.

The association is certainly intended to tour the potential of Verizon 5G and capabilities of Snap. Snapchat is seen by more than 200 Million users on a daily basis, comprising 90% of all 13–24 year olds. The 5G network by Verizon has rolled out in 18 regions in the US, but as we have seen firsthand and in maps by Verizon, even in those regions, coverage is thin. As Verizon carries on pushing 5G we will possibly see more promotional joint ventures such as this one.

On a related note, previously this year, the FaceApp filter that made users seem wrinkled and old in selfies was on fire. Then we learned that the selfie-editing Russian-designed app was uploading consumers’ pics to the cloud and that it needed “irrevocable and full access to their personal data and photos.” That killed the craze temporarily, but now, Snapchat is all set to launch a new filter for aging.

Dubbed as Time Machine, the new lens by Snap allows you alter your appearance by swiping a slider all over your display. Swipe to the left, and you will seem younger. Swipe to the right, and you will watch the elderly version of yourself. Time Machine is accessible starting from this week, and it operates with both rear and front facing cameras, so you can try the lens on family and friends, as well.

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