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The First Dual-SIM 5G Handsets Might Launch In Early Next Year

Certainly, you can purchase a 5G handset currently if you are not selective, but for many that is just not an alternative without support for dual-SIM—some people require the suppleness, whether it is to employ the lowest-price service or just having individual personal and work contacts. If you are amongst them, you may have that alternative soon. MediaTek has officially disclosed its earlier-teased 5G SoC, now dubbed as the Dimensity 1000, and it is claimed as the first SoC to show support for 5G on dual SIMs. You can have two contacts without having to negotiate on data speeds.

Luckily, there may be speed to spare. MediaTek states the “world’s best” data throughput, with 2.5 Gbps upstream and 4.7 Gbps downstream support on sub-6GHz 5G connections. There is Bluetooth 5.1+ and WiFi 6 support, as well. And yes, there might be some string computing energy to support the wireless performance. The Dimensity 1000 boasts 4 x high-performance ARM Cortex-A77 cores, 4 x Cortex-A55 low-power cores, and a latest AI unit that is 2 times as quick as the earlier generation. A 5-core picture signal chip can manage almost 80 MP cameras, even though you are more sensibly going to see multi-camera lower-resolution devices.

The first handsets employing Dimensity 1000 processors might come in the Q1 of next year. There is no assurance that dual-SIM 5G handsets will be amongst them, but we would not be shocked if there is a race to ship one before rivals show up. Even if you have to hang around, this is good news for early adopters of 5G. The design of MediaTek promises to reduce the price and enhance the 5G power efficiency, and it will show support for sub-6GHz wireless both in Asia as well as North America and Europe.

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