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Palm Gets Its Own Battery Case For Extra Powering

Palm is a measly device that can replace your bulky or overwhelming phones. This new smartphone can prove helpful during certain occasions where carrying regular phones turns out problematic. The tiny phone’s battery was a huge concern since the time of its production and thus, the researchers have recently come up with a new battery life solution for it. Palm, the bite-size phone has a new battery case and power station keychain developed by Mophie.

The tiny phone has a greater number of negative points accompanying it than the positive ones. Palm may cost only $350 but this Verizon-exclusive child-sized device is only adorable whereas its inaptness with iMessage, confined keyboard, and meager battery life renders it a bad option in comparison to the bigger device. The new Mophie’s juice pack helps enhance an extra 13 Hours of battery life for its long survival. The case is so small that it does not require much space. One of the amazing features is that the mobile powerstation just like the usual ones do not attach to the phones but instead with the help of keychain it can hang from a backpack and purse. The USB-C cable helps make charging easier.

This credit-card shaped phone makes viewing of emails, videos, social media browsers, websites, and other basic tasks just like any regular smartphone possible. The battery life of the phone is definitely going to drain down faster by performing more number of tasks and the need for a battery case is a must. The tiny secondary mini-smartphone is definitely a yes despite the set of drawbacks owing to its compactness. Prieto used a copper foam substrate to batteries. In the future, the batteries will be 3D. The batteries will thus become safer, cheaper, inflammable, faster charging, longer life, and denser making it useful in wearables, phones, or even cars.