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Huawei’s Smartphone Shipments Soar In China Over Competitors Like Apple

Reportedly, Huawei reported a record share of the Chinese smartphone market during the third quarter as its device consignments ascended at the expense of competitors, as per the latest statistics from research firm Canalys. Canalys stated in the third quarter Huawei shipped about 41.5 Million smartphones in China, showing growth of 66% yearly. The Chinese tech titan now sways 42% of China’s entire smartphone market, far surpassing Apple and regional Chinese rivals such as Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi. Nicole Peng—VP of Mobility at Canalys—said, “Huawei made a huge gap amid itself and other suppliers. Its leading position provides Huawei a lot of control to confer with the supply chain and to surge its wallet share in major partners.”

Chinese clients are flocking to Huawei’s devices since the Chinese tech titan encountered tailwinds in the U.S. and other regions. Huawei was not capable of licensing the new version of Android on its latest Mate 30 smartphone owing to limitations slapped by the U.S. on the Chinese company. The U.S. executives fight Huawei’s technology can pose a national security peril by opening a backdoor for Chinese undercover work. They pointed out to Chinese regulations that supposedly need every national company to aid with intelligence assembling if Beijing demands it. Repeatedly, Huawei has refused that it will slot in any kind of espionage or supply data to the Chinese administration.

On a similar note, recently Huawei was in the news as FCC (Federal Communications Commission) stated that it will cut off shippers by using Chinese firm’s gear. Allegedly, Huawei is the number one telecom supplier and second-largest phone manufacturer globally, but it is in exile in countries such as the U.S. and to the point that the FBI actually set up a sting at CES 2019. In 2019, there has been an upswing in an inquiry of the Chinese tech titan, with many countries debarring the usage of its networking equipment. And its phones are nearly undetectable across the U.S. in spite of its huge presence across the globe.

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