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Lyft Reports Huge Loss In Third Quarter, Still Positive About The Future

In this year’s third quarter, Lyft faced a loss of $463.5 Million, almost double the amount when compared to its last year’s loss. But, the company has successfully earned $955.6 Million in returns, which denotes a strong growth of 63% when compared to the income of $585 Million in the third quarter of 2018.

In the present situation, the shareholders of Lyft and Uber—it’s a business competitor—have pressurized both the firms to take necessary actions and stop their losses as well as to show profitability in the upcoming period. While speaking at this month’s WSJ Tech Live conference, Lyft’s co-founder and CEO Logan Green stated that the firm will achieve profitability on an adjusted-earnings basis at the end of 2021, a year sooner than its original estimate.

Earlier this year, Lyft and Uber went public but had to face a huge loss in the run-up to their IPOs. And after going public, both the firms are continuously losing money. In Lyft’s previous quarter, it announced a $644-million loss, which became $197 Million when the firm adjusted for alleged earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA). While reporting its losses in the recent quarter, Lyft announced that it has faced the loss of $86.6 Million due to the alterations to the liabilities for insurance, and lost $246.1 Million for stock-based compensation & associated payroll tax expenditures.

On a similar note, the Cleveland Cavaliers announced that it has collaborated with Lyft with a motive to raise funds for the regional NGOs and offer commute support to the community. According to the agreement between Lyft and Cleveland Cavaliers, rideshare credits worth $1,000 Dollars will be monthly added to the Cavs’ charity of choice by Lyft and the members using charity’s services will be able to utilize these credit points for traveling.

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