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A New Blood Test For Breast Cancer Could Possibly Be Out By 2025

Breast cancer is found to be affecting a number of women across the globe and the permanent cure for it has not yet been discovered. Lately, a blood test has been developed that could possibly help detect breast cancer. However, the test is expected to hit the market in the next 5 Years. The test could help detect cancer even before the symptoms could develop. If the research is completely funded then it could be made available by 2025.

The doctors at the University of Nottingham have tested the immune response to substances produced by tumor cells in breast cancer and cancer-free patients. The researchers have successfully found 9 biomarkers and expecting it to help advance treatment. Early breast cancer detection could be cost-effective and easily available in low and middle-income countries. The new screening method is easier to work on compared to the current mammography technique. According to the World Health Organization, around 2.1 Million women are found to be affected by breast cancer on a yearly basis. Almost 15% of cancer deaths in women occur due to breast cancer. The test is currently being validated and every possibility of detecting early signs of breast cancer is being studied. A simple blood test can help improve early detection of the disease. The new study has been published in the UK National Cancer Research Institute Cancer Conference that was conducted in Glasgow.

Similarly, breast cancers are not found to be just affecting women but also men. In men, the chances of breast cancer being detected are found to occur at a very later stage which quite often turns out to be life-threatening. It has been found that 2,670 men in the US have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Around 500 men have been found to die due to breast cancer on a yearly basis. The men are found to have breast cancer owing to exposure to any radiation in the past or genetic factors such as BRCA mutations. The men have to get themselves tested immediately after finding a lump behind the nipples or bleeding and have to get the necessary treatment.

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