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Bezos Likely To Make A Big Announcement In The Upcoming Week

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos owned space exploration firm Blue Origin is likely to announce something exciting soon as it tweeted a picture of famed Antarctic explorer Shackleton’s ship Endurance via its official twitter handle with 5.9.19 written across it. This signifies that Blue Origin’s big announcement will be made on May 9 and the market is already abuzz with thoughts about what it is likely to be. Keeping in mind the firm’s ambitious exploration plans shared on social media it is likely to be related to the moon as it is already developing robotic lander Blue Moon that is capable of placing around 5 tons on moon’s surface.

Blue Origins’ representatives have also confirmed that it is likely to carry out its own lunar landing by end of 2024. Work is also going on Blue Origins’ new rocket christened New Armstrong that is likely to be destined for the moon.

The firm has not shared extensive details about the rocket booster with general public though it has named suborbital system which will carry crew to the moon as Shepard. Its orbital system has been named after first American citizen John Glenn who made it to earth’s orbit. The name of Shackleton is connected to moon too as a 13 mile long crater close to its south pole region is named as Shackleton Crater. Setting up a base on the moon would fit it long term plans of Blue Origins as its founder has repeatedly talked about helping people to settle down on the moon to enhance human exploration and reduce crowds on earth. Shackleton was an explorative and capable adventurist who was recognized for averting disasters when the Endurance got trapped in an ice pack on sea during 1915 when he was trying to make the first crossing of Antarctica on his own.