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Unusual Rapid Movement Of Particle Jets Emanates From Black Hole

Theory of relativity is one of the most prominent theories ever drafted in the Astronomy. It goes to say that extremely massive objects tend to change the shape of Space-time fabric, in the process distorting the space and time itself.

As particles with a certain mass get attracted towards the center of the black hole, the accretion disk surrounding it gets bigger and bigger in size. It is heated at an ultimate extent as it transverse its way towards the event horizon. The circular velocity generated due to this immense energy provides the accretion disk with its shape, a densely packed donut-shaped ring which is bulked up by the pressure generated from the inside.

A portion of these in-falling particles escape the influence of gravity and escape through jets. Jets are formed when long pillars of the escaping plasma flow away upon the black hole’s axis. These jets are sometimes even called relativistic jets as they travel much close to the speed of light. Astronomers have observed many black holes with such stream of jets, but a particular incident of such phenomenon distinguishes itself from all the others.

In this supposedly unique case of black hole V404 Cygni, the jets were observed wobbling and oscillating both over a time of few minutes.

A typical event of such course is usually observed using a long exposure, but for this specific event, the scientists had to implement some major changes for its system. Scientists captured multiple images of the black hole and placed them together to generate an animation of the actual event.

While the researchers have stumbled upon the explanation for such a unique event, they still have some important questions which remained unanswered. Scientists believe that these accretion disk or inside of the black hole may hold the key to answer their questions.