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US Retailers Are All Set For Huge Wave Of Mother’s Day Earning

The tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day has been carried forward from several decades. Thanks to the determination of Philadelphia educator, Ann Jarvis, who came up with the proposal in 1905 of honoring mothers for making sacrifices for their loved ones.

The U.S. residents are following the trend by honoring their mothers every year on Mother’s Day with delightful treats and extravagant presents. Therefore, it does not seem astonishing that Mother’s Day has become the top third US retail holiday, following the winter sales season and summer holidays.

Based on the survey conducted by NRF (the National Retail Federation), the sales during Mother’s Day for this year will alleviate to a record-high of $25 Billion, surpassing the previous year’s earnings of $23.1 Billion.

CEO and President of NRF, Matthew Shay, stated over consistently increasing expenditure on Mother’s Day over the past few years. He said that people are excited to celebrate Mother’s Day and retailers are influencing them with exclusive deals and gift options for this auspicious occasion.

The largest retail trade association conducted a survey on 7,321 US adults, teenagers, and elderly people. Through this, it discovered that for this year, customers plan to spend an average of $196 per person, higher than average spending of $180 in the last year. People belonging to the age group of 35–44 are expected to spend $248 per person on an average.

Through the survey, the association found that 36% of shoppers have opted for jewelry as Mother’s Day gift, 56% planned to go for special outings such as dinner or brunch. In addition to this, the maximum number of people, almost 69%, have planned to gift bouquets, 45% of shoppers decided to give a gift card. A fraction of shoppers, around 15%, have chosen to gift some kind of electronic gadgets and 24% of them have selected to spend on personal services, such as spa, for their mothers.