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Blocking Religious Content Ads Was An Error Says Amazon

Amazon was a recent target due to it blocking its advertisement containing religious contents. The seller, who had been selling Christian items since the past few years, had given an advertisement which contained the sayings of Jesus and other such religious items. However, after a few hours of him publishing it, he saw that his advertisements were blocked. When asked why, a representative from Amazon emailed saying that religious product, no matter what should not be advertised as it may hurt other people’s beliefs and sentiments.

When faced in a religious dilemma and after being the target for theists, Amazon said that the entire situation was nothing but chaos and that they apologize for this erratic behavior.

Amazon further cleared its name saying that they will be giving compensation for this snafu caused and will be giving special comprehensive training to its employees. Amazon had faced a similar situation back in a few years when an entire clan of actors posted counterfeit things about legitimate sellers and made them taken offline, closing their web window for sales.

However, when sellers on Amazon render a constant fear to be taken down, advertisements are their only source for building a reliable marketplace. Amazon is the third e-commerce website after Google and Facebook, has updated its privacy terms and advertisement guidelines which states that Amazon will prohibit all contents which don’t respect a particular religion. If the ads contain religious products for entertainment, they shall be taken down too. No kind of demeaning will be allowed regarding products which aim at political belief or religious artifacts.

However, the victimized seller said that there was no way he was demeaning his religion or any other and that it was just a harmless advertisement of the product sold. He was later told by Amazon that the reason for his advertisement being taken down was because they were reviewing the advertisement. It seemed like their reviewing never ended and it escalated to this snafu.