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20 Pharma Companies In US Accused Of Inflating Drug Prices

Medical care at US and other foreign countries have never been easy. On top of that are high prices of important drugs. However, the latest scandal has blamed 20 pharmaceutical companies of inflating the regular drug prices. Among them is one of the most famous Israeli pharmaceutical shop, Teva Pharmaceuticals.

Being the largest producer of generic medicine, Teva has completely denied this claim and stated them as not guilty, seeking for defending themselves in the court of law.

This charge was filed by General William Tong, an attorney from Connecticut, on Friday. He claims to have text messages, emails, phone calls, call records from an anonymous insider of the company which proves that they are responsible for pulling off this major heist all these years.

A representative of Teva has said that they are not involved in any kind of criminal activity or allegiance. The lawsuit was filed on Friday and will follow a 5-year legal investigation wherein the law will have full privileges to raid their factories/ track their phone calls whenever required, inconspicuously.

Teva has currently been accused of a multi-million dollars money heist. However, Tong has not been able to put a finger on the exact amount. There was no such time when the healthcare system of the US was a target for politics.

In fact, since the last 10-15 years, America’s medicinal care has been a furtive battleground for dirty politics. Trump has promised a tremendous amount of times that he shall abolish Obamacare (Affordable Care Act ACA). However, removing this act will push many Americans towards the brink of death as there will be a lot of struggles to financially support their health.

In the fear of losing money and bankruptcy, they might even sort to neglecting their health causing fatal problems.

Among this legal battle of inflation, 15 other defendants have been brought and have been accused of being a spectator to this scandal.

The other 19 firms have not yet replied to the allegations made on them.