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Eutelsat And Thales Alenia Space Sign Letter of Agreement

Eutelsat Communications and Thales Alenia Space, a Franco-Italian firm, stated that they have signed a letter of agreement. According to this agreement, Thales Alenia Space will manufacture a replacement for Eutelsat’s geostationary satellite, which will stop working in the upcoming period of approximately 3 Years.

Through this agreement, Thales Alenia Space is supposed to manufacture Eutelsat-10B, which is a totally electric satellite with more capacity than Eutelsat-10A, its previous version. In a mail, Sandrine Bielecki, Thales Alenia Space’s spokeswoman, stated that the letter precedes an agreement, however, it “marks the entry into force of the deal.”

Eutelsat-10B is expected to offer a persistent coverage of the Middle East, Europe, and Africa region. Moreover, two additional high-throughput payloads will be included in this satellite. While the sea and air routes from the North Atlantic to the Middle East regions are supposed to be covered by one of these payloads, the Indian Ocean, Africa, and a bigger part of the Atlantic Ocean will be covered by another payload. Approximately 35 gigabits per second of capacity will be supported by every high-throughput payload.

Eutelsat affirmed the commitment from numerous in-flight Wi-Fi providers to lease over a 3rd of the latest high-throughput satellite capacity. Gogo, an in-flight Wi-Fi provider from Chicago, also recently confirmed about leasing the capacity on Eutelsat-10B. Thales Alenia Space asserted that the news satellite will be constructed on the Spacebus NEO platform, which is developed by the firm along with the European and French space agencies.

On a similar note, a satellite-based IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity service named Eutelsat IoT First was recently rolled out by Eutelsat Communications. Reportedly, this service works in Ku-band through the GEO (Geostationary Orbit) satellites of Eutelsat. Through the latest rollout, the company will be mainly focused on offering services to the telecom operators, satellite service providers, and IoT service providers.

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