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Our Team

Thomas Rodriguez

Having apt the writing skills and deep knowledge of technology, Thomas Rodriguez serves as an Editor-In-Chief at our organization. He has a total experience of 5 years in writing and editing. Here, he has the responsibility to write news articles and blogs relating to technology such as launches, upcoming & latest events, updates, releases, reviews & viewpoints with regards to new devices, gadgets, & other technologies, and much more. Being an adventure lover, Thomas goes trekking and hiking in his spare time.

Email Id:-

Phone No:- +1 952-941-1284

Nancy Byrd
Lead Editor

Being an experienced member of the team with an experience of 6 years, Nancy Byrd is a dynamic part of this organization. Having the intent to bring the latest information and innovations &invention from the Health field to the ordinary public in an understandable way got Nancy into the writing world. She writes about the numerous official approvals, new developments, drug discoveries, health programs & initiatives, and much more. Being a reading freak, Nancy, in spare time, reads book of genres suspense, inspirational, or thriller.

Email Id:-

Phone No:- +1 952-305-7791

Brenda Marion
Content writer & Editor

Being always mystified by the discoveries and studies of the space and outer world as well as trying to understand it keenly, Brenda Marion has taken on the responsibility to write articles and blogs relating to Science field in our organization. She serves as a content writer and editor with a total experience in this domain of 3 years. She writes about a wide of updates, research, liftoff schedules, launches, and much more happening in the world of Science.

Email Id:-

Phone No:- +1 952-857-3641

Harry Cabana
Content Writer

From initially working as a freelance to test his writing skills to being a full-fledged Content Writer, Harry Cabana has earned a vital place in our team. He has become a pro in writing articles and blogs relating to the world of business. Harry holds the responsibility to write about all comprising, and not restricted to, mergers & acquisitions, recent trends, agreements & deals, events, and much more. In free time, Harry  likes to spend some time with elderly people and learn new things from their life experiences.

Email Id:-

Phone No:- +1 952-462-8205

Editorial Staff Emails & Contact Information

Thomas Rodriguez:- | +1 952-941-1284

Nancy Byrd:- | +1 952-305-7791 

Brenda Marion:- | +1 952-857-3641 

Harry Cabana:- | +1 952-462-8205

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